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zdeněk král

zdeněk král

Zdenek Kral, Ph.D., composer and pianist, was born on the 22nd February 1971 in the Ceska Lipa in Czech Republic. He studied at the Conservatory in Teplice and Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in Prague. He also studied composition and music theory at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic.

Zdenek Kral Composer

As a composer, he moved to the borders of genres, often combining genres, andlets be influenced by different styles. His teachers were among others Prof.. LeosFaltus, prof. Luis de Pablo (Spain) and Sofia Gubaidulina. Zdenek Kral composing incidental music for theatrical performances, film music, songs, influenced by jazz, ethnic style and ordinary songs. In addition, he alsowrites great compositions for choirs, orchestras and big-beat ensembles such as Carmina Burana 2 - The Human Soul or the European Cantata and more. Composition "Barriers" won 1st Composition Prize competition Generation, composition "Clues for Them" the 3rd Prize. Shamanyka composition for percussion won Trstenice Prize. Zdenek Kral songs and compositions were performed except for the Czech Republic in France, Belgium, Romania, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Turkey, Canada, Australia and Estonia.

Zdenek Kral Pianist

He performs in solo, partly improvisational evenings entitled Romantic Piano of Zdenek Kral. The music borders on jazz, romantic, ethno. In addition, he performs with his own acoustic jazz-rock group KK Band and also in the chanson band Minach and with the singer and actress Andrea Bursová. Concerts performed by the whole country (for example the Festival Strings of Autumn in Prague Castle), as also in Belgium, Germany, Russia, Austria, Romania andTurkey.

If you intend to show of Zdenek Kral or his group KK Band (www.kkband.cz), Minach (www.minach.cz) or subscribe to compose the song, film music and so on, please contact SolisArt, Roman Veverka, tel: +420 777 137 488 E-mail: roman@solisart.cz

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